Our council secrets are safe with Plaguepit


SHOCK revelations for all night computer game players yesterday after the latest offerings from Edward Snowden revealed spies have been crawling over the World of Warcraft online game, a place where ogres and wizards and things, I think, go on special missions to retrieve gold from goblins and stuff.

Ok, I haven’t played it, I may be all wrong. But Camden Council’s gamer finance chief Theo Blackwell (above right) has. Late last year, he challenged the real life world of local government to offer up a councillor with a better ranking than his WoW character, which he had proudly christened ‘Plaguepit’ (above left). Seasoned players immediately questioned whether, with only 117 dungeon runs, whatever they may be, Theo really was the most experienced online undead warlock among our politicians.

No suggestion that he would, but let’s hope he didn’t whisper anything from the ‘part two’ council papers to any National Security Agency spies masquerading as a pixel orc while running through the WoW enchanted forests together. Nobody would want an American agent discovering how much the council will sell the Town Hall annexe for in the middle of a raid on a goblin king’s castle.

3 Comments on Our council secrets are safe with Plaguepit

  1. I can only assume you were penning this instead of going to the Xmas Charity quiz at the Sheepy – once word reached you from a fleeing Tom Foot that the CNJ team had quickly fallen behind our ‘Full Marx to the Council’ team of Labour councillors (5th place).


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