Keir, there and everywhere

Starmer x 2, Chada, Hai

KEIR Starmer QC became the latest high profile opponent of the HS2 rail link this week, suddenly picking up the woes of those living in Euston and on the Regent’s Park.

The former Director of Public Prosecutions is becoming a bit of a familiar face around these parts. He was at the Kentish Town branch fund-raiser on Monday night, and was also among Labour friends, pictured above, at the re-opening of Salaam Namaste Indian restaurant last month.

In fact, his appearances have become so regular that insiders have begun talking, as those pesky gossipers so often do, about him as a possible future MP for the area. This, of course, relates to what members joke as the seismic AD period – ‘After Dobson’.

While Frank plays a wondrous guessing game about his plans – and if anybody has earned the right to do that, it’s him – some are convinced that there is still time for a snap selection contest in Holborn and St Pancras before 2015. After the council elections, maybe. It’s Frank’s call.

But could the new face at the party’s parties be the ‘someone high profile’ that Labour will seek when AD begins, whenever that may be?

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