Whatever next: Now HS2 planners say they need to take N-Dubz cafe…

IMG_4026ndubzTHEY are talking about putting a plaque on the La Giaconda dining rooms in Tin Pan Alley, behind Centre Point. Although more of a place for fancy risotto than ham and chips these days, the marker would recognise the fact that David Bowie once met his bandmates there. Several drafts of musical history also tell us that Marc Bolan was a fan of its old greasy spoon menu, while The Clash and The Kinks popped in for breakfast too.

Maybe they should have put a plaque on the Royal Cafe in Royal College Street. For it was here, that N-Dubz, before the big hits, before the X-Factor judging, were interviewed by the Camden New Journal. Now the cafe’s address is included in the red zone for High Speed 2 (HS2) demolition works, outlined in the government’s ‘environmental impact assessment’ for their £50 billion railway project, published earlier this month.

Someone should tell Dappy.

If you look back on that interview in 2006, by the way, you find Tulisa explaining: “Rappers are sending out the wrong message, and it makes it harder to get commercial success – who wants to buy a record about someone shooting someone?”

Dappy, meanwhile, explained his crafty business sense from early stage: “We’re making songs window cleaners, grannies and school kids can sing along to – we want to get everyone buying our songs. Kids just download and we want to make money.”

They certainly did that.

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