Aaaaall the people: Mayor in a Santa suit, singing Parklife

IT’S been a busy old run in to Christmas for Camden Mayor Jonathan Simpson. Behind the scenes, he has been helping to put the Amy Winehouse Foundation, the charity he is raising money for throughout his mayoral year at the Town Hall, in touch with the cash-short Weekend Arts College in Belsize Park. It led to a £17,000 lifeline grant for the talent school, of which Ms Dynamite is among the famous alumni.

Last night, he was back on the fund-raising tip for the Friday I’m In Love club night at the Purple Turtle in Camden Town. This is the cult sing-a-long event where a band plays instrumentals, while the crowd sing the words, from songsheets provided at front door. These parties, quite unique in London, have already raised more than £5,000 for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The drummer Mat Morrisroe, by the way, is one of the brains behind the ‘Walk Of Fame’ slabs coming to Camden next year.

And in the middle of it, there was the Mayor. In a Santa Suit. Singing Blur’s Parklife. He’s sung his heart out.

3 Comments on Aaaaall the people: Mayor in a Santa suit, singing Parklife

  1. It’s a good job he was singing indoors. I’ve heard you can get into trouble for singing on the streets in Camden under this administration…


  2. Keith Sedgwick // December 24, 2013 at 2:15 am // Reply

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