The Year In Twitpics

…another year of sending pictures to Twitter.

SNOW at the start of the year, and a fox – a fox in the snow! – in Bounds Green.


Less pretty scenes in Crouch End.

IMG_0146Arsenal finally, finally drew Brighton away in the FA Cup and we all had our beano down to the seaside. Home by 6am the next morning, the less said about that one the better…


Posters started appearing in Primrose Hill insisting that David Miliband had ‘sold out’.


After his talk there, he seemed strangely suspicious of Jon Snow’s drink.

BKTdC9BCIAAm91TThe Save Our Whittington campaign was brought back after hospital chiefs drew up plans to sell half its site, plans which might have gone unnoticed had they not been exposed by the New Journal and the Islington Tribune.


Also in Archway, some rather dubious advice to graffiti artists appeared at the gyratory.

IMG_1062When the New Journal and Tribune’s double decker bus led a protest march against Whittington cuts down the Holloway Road, Hetty Bower was among the demonstrators in the crowd. Seen here in a yellow coat, aged 107. She died later in the year. A remarkable woman.


As wider local authority cuts started to bite, placards were strapped to the Town Hall chamber walls.

IMG_0539At Holborn Library, they seemed to be telling people in the toilets: ‘We’d know what we’d do… but it’s up to you, folks’


Back in Crouch End, a shop didn’t have the heart to tell their suppliers about how to spell daughter and put these cards out for display anyway.


In Camden Town, the Buck Street shoe-fiti display began. These first shoes on the old telephone wires have now been joined by at least a score more.


Awww… a barber’s dog in Parkway, Camden Town.


Tube users started taking drastic action over draughty Camden Town escalators.


Even Viz poked fun at the government’s HS2 rail scheme.


Camden got a new old mayor with Jonathan Simpson taking on the job for the second time. He dedicated his second turn to the Amy Winehouse Foundation and at his opening night, people ate cupcakes decorated with the singer’s tattoos.


The New Journal apologised and clarified.


It dawned on a pizza delivery shop in East Finchley shop that all of its drivers were learners.


Former Camden Council leader Raj Chada traded in his sports car for a sort of French onion seller’s pedal-along.

IMG_2364In Camden High Street, the Olympic heroes of just twelve months earlier enjoyed the fruits of their labour… advertising Cashino amusements.

BXGZh9vCcAEUsJbOthers popped up on telly, reading stories to the kids alongside worm puppets, and making sure everyone remembered who they were by going everywhere with their medals still slung around their neck.

IMG_1053The Daily Sport asked the burning question… 


Toby Young dressed up as Phil Mitchell dressed up as a sailor for This Week.


This was an up from three men sitting on sofas gawping at the Cheeky Girls.

IMG_1005The Regional Press Awards and proof at last that I’m ‘cosmopolitan’ – get that, everyone, ‘cosmopolitan’. Straight from the judges’ blurb, so it must be true.


Last tube rides home from Finsbury Park were as odd as ever.


Camden Council did not fly its flag at half mast for Margaret Thatcher, so Tory councillor Jonny Bucknell brought one to fly in that fashion at his council chamber seat.


Later in the year, the same guy was sleeping in his car at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester to save money.


Kitty, Daisy and Lewis played at the farewell gig for the famous live music stage at the Bull and Gate in Kentish Town. It was a sensational final goodbye to a legendary music venue.


Look-at-me marker pen efforts appeared on walls in Camden Town.


Cyclists, meanwhile, started to take desperate measures to be seen on the roads.


You could hardly turn on a news channel without seeing council leader Sarah Hayward.

sarahBOt_8ltCcAAbR4Ysarah5Lucky, lucky, I wangled my way onto centre court for this…


WordPress revealed how people found these pages.


We saw Ed Miliband in his weekend civvies in Dartmouth Park.


He had his gameface back on when he popped up in Camden Town.


Perhaps this guy drew the best out of him that day. Ed-M had a reasonable chat with this builder, even though his new friend had started their conversation with a heckle of: ‘You’re the one who darked your brother up’.


The Vieira headline.


Persons unknown began underlining parts of Camden Council’s signs. What could they mean?


Nelson Mandela passed away, and we remembered the day a street in NW1 was named after him. You can find this picture outside the mayor’s parlour.

IMG_2883Unrest in Egypt. Demonstrators brought guns, flags and… an Arsenal bag.

BOMq2ZSCEAEgk74Fly-tipping was rebranded an ‘enviro-crime scene’ by the Town Hall.


EAT ran out of water and apostrophes.


The Telegraph’s Mandrake diary column hears things…

BZY9d7QCEAAIZRoLondon Mayor Boris Johnson and friends proudly opened the new King’s Cross Square, the piazza outside the station. Two months later, parts of it was still fenced off for workmen.

IMG_4306On the subject of Boris, he had the chance to admire some of the art on the walls of the Wet Fish Cafe in West Hampstead. 


Lib Dem Flick Rea took on the daleks.


And the Mayor was still going strong as we hit Christmas at the Friday I’m In Love club night. In a Santa Suit. Belting out his rendition of Blur’s Parklife. 


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