Sir Peter’s tip for Holborn and St Pancras

Mr Peter Luff MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for DefenceARISE Sir Peter, Sir Peter Luff, the Mid-Worcs MP knighted in the New Year’s Honours List. Those in these parts with longer memories will remember Sir Peter features on the list of Tory challengers seen off by Frank Dobson in Holborn and St Pancras over the years. He had the task in 1987, having pipped another candidate called Ms T. May in the selection meeting. (Theresa later blamed her failure to take the candidacy on the fact she had annoyed selectors by banging a noisy bangle repeatedly on the table as she was interviewed)

Reflecting on the experience of being slain by Dobbo, Sir Peter told The House magazine a few years back: “I first fought Frank Dobson in Holborn and St Pancras in 1987. I liked Frank, but I don’t think he took too kindly to a Conservative candidate who actually did some campaigning in his constituency.

Those who went before him in the south of Camden may not have appreciated such barbed commentary about their efforts.

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  1. Nice piece Richard and well done to Peter Luff, a decent Tory who has spent too much time on the opposition benches in his career. Glad he saw some office and was an good minister at Defence – 58 seems a bit young to be pushed aside for others in my view!

    I campaigned for Peter in 87, mainly in Camden Town and Holborn, my first campaigning here.
    Richard may be forgiven for muddling the 87 and 92 elections as he would have been about three at the time. Peter didn’t beat Theresa May for the nomination in 87 – she was interviewed in 92 when Andrew McHallam was the candidate.

    Just to note as well that there is another Peter Luff who at one time Sir Peter was often muddled with. The other Peter Luff worked for the SDP, then ran the European Movement in the UK and then the Royal Commonwealth Society. Both Peter Luffs nice guys, and pro Europeans.

  2. Richard Osley // January 3, 2014 at 3:34 pm //

    That’s right. I was two in 1987.

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