Shedloads of Boris

imageGIVEN it was a Tory ward, then a Lib Dem one, and is now governed by a 2:1 split between the two parties, Belsize will be one to watch at May’s local elections in Camden.

Before Christmas, Leila Roy was called up to be the third Conservative name on the slate alongside group leader Claire-Louise Leyland and Jonny Bucknell. She was among the campaigners who got the Abacus Belsize Free School up and running in the neighbourhood last September , as was sitting Lib Dem councillor Tom Simon. If that success is to be paraded ahead of the polls, maybe Leila’s appointment is aimed at some way of neutralising whatever Tom plans to say to the voters.

Who knows?

For her part, Leila has the blue bug: a colleague emails through a picture of her garden shed – the secret nerve centre of election strategy planning? – where the insulation is made up of boards bearing Boris Johnson’s face.

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  1. linda grove // January 3, 2014 at 4:10 pm //

    Love it Richard. ..Leila and I met this morning and she showed this to me. .weneed a picture of her in there! Send to stacy Eden .Jill Barnes too…Leila has their email address..

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