Keith Vaz and the capital of culture

IT is time to ask Camden’s Leicester bred environment chief Phil Jones whether Leicester really is the country’s capital of culture? Him now being down in music-rich Camden, and all.

But why else would his permanently-astonished Labour colleague Keith Vaz use public money to set up a parliamentary EDM demanding all MPs applaud Leicestery X-Factor winner Sam Bailey as being ‘further evidence’ for this theory.

So far two MPs have signed the motion noting her ‘outstanding range’. One of them being Vaz, Keith.


2 Comments on Keith Vaz and the capital of culture

  1. Leicester woz robbed. I can only assume the fact Hull needs the regeneration a lot more swayed the minds of the judges.

    As thoughts turn to booking summer holidays, I can think of few more exciting ‘up and coming’ cultural destinations. Florence, Paris…yawn. Leicester has it all: the Curve theatre, the best curry mile in the UK, and a dead king too these days….Plus only 1 hour 10 mins from St Pancras if you know which train to get. Worth a double-page travel feature in the CNJ I would have thought, Richard.

    Sam Bailey…not my usual cup of tea I must admit. But she IS a big Leicester City supporter and you can’t deny she can sing. If she played the Barfly or Dublin I would DEF be there.


  2. The best thing about Leicester was Willie Thorne’s snooker club. Closed last year, apparently. Huge loss. Place will never be the same again.


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