Glenda Jackson laughs along with Graham Norton

THE bloody internet means you can’t even try and stand to be Mayor of London ages ago, smiling along politely at Graham Norton’s repartee in the process, without somebody fishing out an old VHS and stabbing it on YouTube.

Uploaded a couple of weeks ago and soaking a whole 20 views over Christmas, here’s a warm, smiling, carefree Glenda Jackson doing the chat show gig during her attempts to win the Labour nomination to be the first Mayor of London.

Thems the things, I guess, you’re advised to do when making a pitch to be the city’s No 1, even if it means mucking in on a rather stale prank call to a confused Kentucky mayor in the process. Norton, tucked away on Channel 4 in the days before he wasn’t on absolutely everything, insists there would be no doubt Glenda would end ultimately end up Mayor. The Hampstead and Kilburn MP appears after six minutes of Nortonian innuendo and dashes off before the end of the recording to do something more important. 

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