Oh Boris, who on earth would call for water cannons on our streets?


TO the dismay of many of his Labour rivals, Mayor of London Boris Johnson has been perusing the water cannon catalogue so the city is kitted up in readiness for any future London rioting. Hackney MP Diane Abbott, for example, said on This Week last night: “Water cannons on the streets of Hackney are not the way forward.”

You don’t have to look too far to find a similar sentiment in the usual online comment harbours. But what if you swapped the names in those angry comment pieces from that of the Tory Mayor to that of a Labour MP, who is often viewed, certainly after her famous Thatcher tirade, as a polar opposite. You’d have a CIF piece titled: Glenda Jackson’s call for water cannon shows a contempt for the people surprise you?

It might sound odd but when London actually was rioting – above is a snap from a horrible night in Camden Town – our Hampstead and Kilburn MP seemed to be of a similar view and actually called for the army to intervene.

“Don’t give credence to the argument that these are deprived children,” Glenda said, in comments about the rioters, which not all of the Labour Hampstead branch members agreed with.

“They all have Blackberries. It’s time to send in the army and the water cannons. It has been too softly softly so far. And where are the parents? This is just kids having a bloody good time and it is utterly unacceptable. You don’t shit on your own doorstep. It is just disrespectful and disgusting. These kids have simply lost it.  They are terribly brave as a group but they are bloody cowards.”

Maybe journalist campaigner Conrad Landin tweeted it best:


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  1. As we approach the 3rd anniversary of the London riots, the forgotten story slips silently by, of the boy who saved Camden market
    Max Scarlett was on his way home from the gym, walking along Camden high street as he saw the raging gangs lawlessly plundering the shops and so he kept a low profile as he made his way innocently home through the mayhem.
    When he got to Camden lock, was a large concentration of hooded youths attacking the world famous market, where max worked on his brother’s stall every weekend
    Roving gangs were setting fires around the market, and as max was passing the street entrance to the main buildings and offices, he saw the the security guard, behind the door with a gang of angry rioters kicking in the door to gain access to the building
    With no hesitation and blatant disregard for his own safety,
    Max went straight to the front of the heaving throng to confront the attackers.
    “What are you doing !”
    Max shouted at the giant guy who was kicking the door
    He stopped straight away as max rebuked and told him that he works here. The rioting crowd moved further down the road and max was finally able to reach his home in juniper crescent safe and somewhat later than normal
    “Why are you late! ” Shouted his mum
    “You better be staying out of trouble !”
    As she always said to him
    “Yes mum”
    said max.
    This is 100% true story
    Verifiable by witnesses and CCTV
    Max is a lovely, humble guy who was born in Camden and lived here all his life.
    The boy who saved Camden Market

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