For auction: 75-year-old lock of Judy Garland’s hair

AN oddball story which began life on the pages of the New Journal but then swept across the news wires last year was the auctioning of a lock of Mick Jagger’s hair. It had been kept in an envelope in a cupboard for many, many years and looked, unsurprisingly, quite manky in the photo. It still sold for £4,000.

This week, if of a similarly yukky frame of mind, you can spend a little less, approximately £3,880 less in fact, and get your own grab of historic celeb hair. It may have been 45 years since Judy Garland – Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz – passed away, but it turns out you can buy some of her hair on on eBay.

The sales pitch calls it “one of the ultimate pieces for any Oz fan”, explaining: “This small piece of hair was taken from cuttings in 1939 obtained from Beth Langston who was Judy’s personal hairdresser for three years whilst she was at MGM. From several sessions Beth saved the cuttings and a piece is available for you now.”

At the time of post, the bidding stands at £19.95. It has two days or so to match Jagger’s hairy £4k.


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