My lost IDS invitation


O, postman, postman, wherefore art thou, postman? Something is very amiss.

I’m sure the Camden Conservatives must have posted my press invite to hear Iain Duncan Smith talk to members in a Hampstead pub this evening, yet there has been no sign of it in the mail bag.

I’ve been sat waiting at the doormat all week – and still no sign of it. The disappointment is raw.

IDS is due at the Freemasons Arms this evening to, and this is what the blurb to members says, ‘share his plans to shake up the benefits system’. Now that has a particular relevance to debates all of our local politicians have been having at the Town Hall and we can all think of a few questions the local press might want to ask someone of his seniority during a rare outing on our patch.

But the post has not come.

I bet it’ll arrive tomorrow. 

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