Nandosgate: We’re sorry… and here’s some free sauce


PARLIAMENTARY candidate Tulip Siddiq can end her one woman boycott of the West Hampstead Nando’s, the war on peri-peri chicken. The Labour councillor, who had been known to tell friends ‘I can’t live without Nando’s’, was left in a tweeting rage back in December after being accused at the West End Lane branch of, to use her words, ‘faking stamps on my Nando’s loyalty card’. 

It didn’t take too many retweets before a senior Nando’s person apparently rang up with an apology. I’m told when she declined to provide her home address amid the grovelling, they sent two bottles of spicy sauce – one medium, one hot – to her Town Hall pigeonhole along with a written apology for the misunderstanding. Case closed. We can all move on.

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  1. How very-very generous // February 14, 2014 at 5:37 pm //

    I hope Cllr Siddiq’s register of interest is promptly updated to include the chicken shop’s largesse

  2. She probably didn’t want to leave her address as she didn’t know which of her 7 properties she’d be at that week.

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