Old White Bear goes global

clipTHE Tonight Show is moving back to New York. Pitcher Mark Mulder injured himself in training with the Los Angeles Angels. The Winter Olympics is running out of the salt needed to harden the snow on the ski-runs.

Oh – and also there on the New York Times’s front page, breaking news from Hampstead, NW3.

The saga of the Old White Bear and whether developers could turn the pub into a six-bedroom property was not only a big story for the New Journal, but also of apparent interest to NYT readers.

Not just a lift and rewrite, the paper knows its stuff, by the way, with London-based correspondent Danny Hakim correctly name-checking pubs like The King Of Bohemia which have closed in Hampstead over recent years.

Planners ruled last week that the Old White Bear had a community use, which needed protecting.

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  1. Chris Knight // February 24, 2014 at 3:46 pm //

    Osser this is a fantastic piece of community engagement, in fact it is exactly what the Conservative Party localism and has lead me to call for an Aticle 4 Directive across all Camden pubs, naturally it would have to be based upon a consultation with residents and Cllrs to see just which pubs are worth removing the Permitted development rights from.

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