One last call-up

Milliband + Milena

IT’S a fair boast from Camden’s Labour group that their slate of candidates is decided and ready to go for May’s fast-approaching local elections. Less than 100 days to go, we’re still waiting for a similar full list of who’s standing and where from their rivals.

But locking up the list early, means the squad is subject to late withdrawals. Tulip Siddiq has already stood down from Regent’s Park ward campaign to concentrate on her parliamentary tilt. Now, in Bloomsbury, a seat which Labour control but the Tories always feel they can better themselves in, another vacancy appears. Labour councillor Milena Nuti (pictured above with David Miliband) has reportedly told colleagues that for ‘personal reasons’ she will now not stand again.

All this might be a point of irritation for former Mayor Abdul Quadir, one of the sitting councillors in the ward who was de-selected in favour of new face Rishi Madlani last year. Abdul is now contesting Haverstock as a second chance, but the task is generally tougher there as the Lib Dems try to protect ground.

Bloomsbury, meanwhile, will be appetising opportunity for someone seeking a late call-up.

UPDATED: Camden Labour will have an all-woman shortlist in their search for a new candidate, to meet their long-standing requirement to have one at least one woman standing in every ward. 

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