Miliband twitpic’d in his civvies…

ED Miliband wears the look of a pop whose doorbell has gone in the middle of the hoovering and who not too many seconds earlier has just shouted at the ceiling: Whose that bloody knocking on the bloody door now?

Here the Labour leader is – sans politician’s suit and tie, and minus floodwater wellies too – doorstepped by his own party over the weekend, a perfect Mister Normal shot in his teenager trackie bottoms and clunky trainers. The snap was tweeted to the world by Camden Town council election candidate Richard Cotton under the hashtag ‘tonicforthetroops’. 

We can all expect a few more knocks on the door until the local elections frenzy ends at the end of May.

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  1. Nice of him to reveal to the world what number Ed lives at as well

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