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CAMDEN councillors meet next week for their regular all-member meeting, a session which in the past few years has largely descended into political pot-shots watched by just one or two brave souls in the public gallery. Amid the point-scoring, however, there is a chance for the cabinet of senior councillors to be quizzed on any topic – any topic – by backbenchers.

On Monday, Liberal Democrat councillor Paul Braithwaite will use this opportunity to get his ongoing irritation with council leader Sarah Hayward’s committed approach to her Twitter account off his chest.

His question: “Given the gravity of the role of Leader of Camden Council, will the Leader consider creating a separate Twitter account for matters relating to Camden, as separate from reporting on her personal interest in Arsenal, the X-Factor, restaurants and dishes she’s enjoyed and B-movies she watches on TV, which represent circa 80% of her 21,800 tweets?”

He has, of course, missed in that list my personal favourite: 


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  1. David Douglas // February 25, 2014 at 5:56 pm //

    What a bore Braithwaite comes over in this – Sarah has been tweeting for years. Much of it fun. Maybe he only wants a political robot as Leader. She maybe Labour but Sarah is a rounded person. Is that so hard for a Lib Dem to comprehend?

  2. It is a seriously intended question, Richard. Thousands of people follow the Leader of Camden Council and many are neither interested in Arsenal nor “The X Factor”.

    But you’re wrong about me being able to ask the question in person, as I’m currently more than 5,000 miles away bicycling 600 km in the South African wine country and subsequently I will be participating in the biggest annual bicycle road race in the world – the Cape Town “Argus” with 50,000 cyclists.

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