IN my imagination, council leader Sarah Hayward wrote a lengthy reply to an official question fired at her about her Twitter use of it, then deleted it, then wrote another, then deleted it – and then just decided that she didn’t even need 140 characters to sum up what she wanted to say and pressed just three.


The shortest ever answer to a council question is a funny one: Labour members feel the question in the first place showed a level of contempt, which is exactly how some Lib Dems feel about her one word answer.


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  1. Paul Braithwaite is a nice chap. Probably contemplating life after being a Councillor. But his interest in Sarah Hayward’s twitter account has become slightly obsessional, if not weird. Council Leader is a serious role, true. But does Paul really want an “official” twitter account for Leader of the Council? That might be rather dull. Anyway, Camden (and Islington for that matter) already have official Council twitter accounts. Is it so bad that Sarah’s personal account has a bit of authenticity about it? What goes for Sarah’s account I would say for my own Borough Leader, Richard Watts, in which he mixes thoughts on public policy, Everton, being a parent, living in North London. The real him. Not the voice of the Town Hall press office.

  2. Paul Braithwaite would be advised not to push this to the point of success. Cllr Hayward’s tweets are more likely to encourage people NOT to vote for her – they are nauseating – leave her to score own goals.

    BB – a Labour supporter

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