The City Hall Beatles… and the world’s cheesiest road safety photo-shoot

copleyFeet First Pedestrian ReportAND I could be John Lennon. I’ll get my white suit out. Well it’s off-white really, cream if anything – but I still can be John. I CAN BE JOHN. And you, Darren, you can be Ringo. Val, you’re Macca – wear something dark. It’s on. This is gonna go viral.

And so must have gone the discussions behind the world’s cheesiest political photo shoot, zinging out of City Hall in Instahipster, filtered tones this morning. Kentish Town Labour smiler Tom Copley assumes the role of Lennon in history’s 2 millionth Abbey Road pastiche. He gets the hands in the pockets pose right, but brown shoes? Come on bro, Lennon would surely would never have worn Premier League toblerones like that.

By staring at it, you should at least know what the jolly fun in St John’s Wood was all about. It’s for the front cover of a new cross-party report from the London Assemblians which advises on how to make life safer for pedestrians.

“Use an assumed walking speed of 0.8 metres per second to calculate minimum crossing times and audit sites where Green Man times have changed,” is one of eight recommendations aimed at saving lives.

But still, that picture.

UPDATED: Green AM Darren Johnson unashamed…

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