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IT’S been a while since somebody bashed Boris Johnson’s beloved Routemasters, the double-decker New Bus For London which the Mayor was determined. So, step forward Jim Sheridan, a Labour MP in Scotland, who finds it all a bit of a squeeze. So infuriated by presumably bumping his head on the ceiling, he has laid down an Early Day Motion ordering the designers to use it. Thomas Heatherwick, designer of the bus and the world’s bestest ever Olympic cauldron, let us not forgot, you have your orders.

Mr Sheridan, however, still awaits a seconder for his motion, which reads:

That this House notes the excessive height of seats on the new London Routemaster buses; and believes that the people who designed these buses should be forced to use them.


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  1. Chris Knight // April 1, 2014 at 9:12 am //

    Jim from Paisley, David from Bolton, wheres does Dobbo a proper London MP stand on this? (and dont say the platform)
    The Routemaster is without doubt a masterpiece of engineering and a brilliant icon for London. I love it.!!

    It takes an innovative leader like Boris to keep pushing the boundaries, Boris keep up the good work London is lucky to have you.

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