A soiree in L’Absinthe: Michael Fabricant’s last engagement as Tory Vice-Chairman

‘UNCONTROLLABLE’ Michael Fabricant lost his job as the Conservatives Party vice-chairman last night after his unrestrained tweeting proved too much for the top brass when he publicly explained his relief that expenses row Culture Secretary Maria Miller had finally resigned from the cabinet. He later suggested his very vocal objection to the £50 billion HS2 rail scheme also lay behind the decision to remove him.

If the latter is true, watch out Simon Marcus in Hampstead and Kilburn! Will his campaigning – but potentially undermining – local referendum on HS2, launched today, be seen as disloyalty too? For Fabricant, the MP for Lichfield, just a day earlier he had been lost in the beauty of Primrose Hill, again turning to Twitter to explain his delight.

523px-Michael_Fabricant_MP_(2005)He should see it in the day time.

One of his last engagements in the vice chairman role had indeed been a cosy dinner with members in Primrose Hill on Tuesday night. The Holborn and St Pancras branch had promoted the £50 dinner at the impeccable L’Absinthe bistro with the tagline: “Brilliant and funny, Michael is an avid tweeter”.

True to the promise, members apparently roared with laughter at some of his anecdotes – many of whom share his combative views on HS2 – even if he had to fight for the best laughlines with another guest, the mayor-fathering Stanley Johnson.




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