Mr Ratzilla, have we met somewhere before?

SUPER scary stuff on the front of the Daily Mirror today: rats, huge, super-sized rats, are coming to get us – and they can’t be stopped with poison. With a picture of a man holding up one of these monsters, the paper warns us: ‘It’s almost two feet long from nose to tail – and this giant rat could be the terrifying shape of things to come for many British cities. Experts believe it is just part of a growing plague of mutant rodents who are gorging on discarded fast food and household waste. But there is virtually nothing they can do to stop them – because the super rats have become immune to poisons.’ Arrrrghh!

The article goes on to tell us: “The monster rodent was caught and photographed in Liverpool recently.” Which will be a little confusing to Ratzilla-watching residents in Haringey, who saw the picture when it first came to light, not so recently, but almost a year ago on the front page of the Ham & High last May. Adrian Whitaker – who lives, say, 180 miles away from Liverpool in Milton Park – killed the super rat with a block firewood, telling the paper up the road: “I think my caveman instincts kicked in and I thought, ‘I’ve got to get this out’.” The tale was later re-run – correctly set in Highgate – by the Huffington Post and Sunday World.

The H&H’s Tim Lamden, who got the scoop the first time around, has sounded less than enamoured with the latest coverage this afternoon.


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