UKIP come to Camden Town

WE still await the record-breaking final list of UKIP candidates standing in next month’s council elections, but it might be possible to gauge the levels of support it is mustering locally by looking at the number of people it attracts to a public meeting in Camden Town organised for the end of the month. The party has booked out the St Pancras Community Centre – more familiarly a setting for Labour councillor surgeries each week – for a discussion on the effects of the HS2 rail line, which UKIP oppose in its entirety. Guest of honour will be MEP Gerard Batten, pictured above at work in Brussels.

Presumably, questions from the floor will be restricted to thoughts on the £50 billion rail scheme, and not Mr Batten’s views on London’s Muslim community. Earlier, this year he told the Guardian that he thought Muslims should sign a code of conduct denouncing parts of the Qu’ran, such as bits he said demanded people “kill Jews wherever you find them”.

The newspaper said it asked him why he had singled out Muslim residents for a special charter, to which Batten had replied: “Christians aren’t blowing people up at the moment, are they? Are there any bombs going off round the world claimed by Christian organisations? I don’t think so..”

Anyhoot, look out for the pink blazer heading down Camden Street on April 30.



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