The council election candidate who might not do the four years



THEY’LL be getting ballot paper fatigue in Highgate. Not much longer than a year after the last round of boroughwide council elections in 2010, Labour councillor Michael Nicolaides stepped down causing the inconvenience of a by-election. He said he felt he could not ‘give up the time the post deserves’.

Now, Labour seem potentially prone to the same problem in the same ward as one of their candidates, Sally Gimson, continues her quest to become an MP. Linked this week to the Sheffield Heeley seat, where Meg Munn is stepping down and leaving behind a tidy Labour majority, Sally, by her own admission, would step down from the council soon after being re-elected to the Town Hall if she finally finds gets a safe constituency. So that would be the Highgate ward back at the polls – again. 

For her part, Sally says, although don’t expect this to be on the council election leaflets, that she’s made no secret of her desire to be an MP – having missed out on selection in Hampstead and Kilburn recently. And she can’t, after all, help the timing of next year’s general election. Ironically, though, Sally was first elected to the council by standing as Michael’s replacement in the by-election his resignation had triggered.


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  1. Why would anyone want to stand for Council election when there is no intention to serve constituents ? is it Money ( council allowances / wages ) Sally is after or hedging her bets, if not selected by Labour once more. Get a liofe sally and move on !

    • Vote Mr Independent // April 27, 2014 at 5:42 pm //

      Don’t they just love themselves, the 3 stooges !!

      Look’s like the Leader can’t help herself yet again, anything for a cheap PR photo shoot. I think our “Dear Leader” is self obsessed with stardom, does she not know that she can’t make the people of Camden like her!!!! It’s a cheap shot “Dear Leader” the story is not about you or T Money, your red cheeks say it all.

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