Political betting: Tories 1/5 to hold Barnet Council

THESE pages have warned you many times before about spending your dosh in gambling dens, but as a guide they still provide an interesting take on the elections we are about to see. The bookies would’ve been stung badly when Glenda Jackson defied pundit opinion to win Hampstead and Kilburn in 2010 if political betting attracted any real custom. Maybe it is not a good sign for the challengers that Ladbrokes has not yet even bothered to open a market on who will win overall control in either Camden or Islington on May 22. This usually means that the result is such a foregone conclusion that naming prices would be a pointless exercise for all. It does offer prices for the Barnet Council elections, however, a borough which normally gives off the impression of being a safe Conservative haven. Sure enough, it offers the Tories at a money-buying 1/5F. It would surely be a jackal of gambler to consider any other outcome, but the fact there is a market open at all might at least encourage Alison Moore’s charges.


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