Stakes are high

INTRUSIVE estate agent sale boards in West Hampstead have for several months caused irritation among those who see them turning the area’s buildings into eyesores. Only last week Labour council candidate Phil Rosenberg joined the chorus of disapproval by tweeting: 

It made you wonder how offended he would be if he took a trip over to Hornsey, where in one road, Middle Lane, you will find no estate agent boards but plenty of Labour and Lib Dem election boards on planted stakes.


So here’s a few tweets from this morning. Labour patrolman Theo Blackwell also muscles in with a growl.


You’ll see the way they find of sidestepping the teasing charge of minor hypocrisy is that the political boards are not up for private profiteering – instead they are presented as a welcome tool in promoting a healthy democracy, and one which is only temporary anyway. When the polls are over, they will come done.

That doesn’t really answer the long-running complaint about the visual nature of the boards, though. Be they for property or politics, they are either ugly or they are not. And is excusing it all by saying they are not permanent a way of saying: yep, it’s not pretty, but lump it for a few weeks.

Maybe, just don’t tell the planning department. It will bring staff out in a rash to hear: Hold there with your enforcement orders, eyesores are ok, if they’re only there for a month.


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