Charlie Sloth returns to the council flat that ‘changed his life’… it costs £400,000 now

collageALL sorts going on in Camden Town this morning. At the top of Bayham Street, a team of police officers looked like they were evicting squatters from the old Labour Party officers and at least three buildings were taped off. Around the corner, completely unconnected, rapper and DJ Charlie Sloth was being stopped and smiled by passers-by as he filmed a documentary about his life.

He stopped two doors down from the Camden New Journal offices, speaking into the camera about how he had lived in a council flat above what’s now a nail bar and it had ‘changed my life’. We’ll have to wait to it is broadcast to hear him explain what he means, but looking up at the McHugh & Co estate agent board pinned to the wall, he could be heard adding something along the lines of: ‘It looks like it’s been sold now, maybe it will change someone else’s life too”.

It didn’t say ‘Charlie Sloth once lived here’ on the brochure, but there’s a claim to fame for the new buyers. You’d have to pay, with times changing ‘n all, around £400,ooo for the privilege though.

Later, he gave a hug to the industrious newsagent next to our offices and then the guided tour of NW1 disappeared through the Sainsbury’s walkthrough over the road, albeit taken at a slightly less breakneck than the one he gave us all earlier on in his award-laden career for the brutally honest tune, welcome To Camden Town.



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