Sally makes the Sheffield selection shortlist

sallyIF the Highgate ward in Camden Council’s elections is as close as the Greens hope it is, they will feel boosted by the fact one of their Labour opponents has a pretty big distraction coming up on Saturday. Sitting councillor Sally Gimson won’t be rounding up votes on the doorstep here – she will be trying to impress Labour members 160 miles away in Sheffield. For Sally has now made the final selection shortlist for the parliamentary candidacy in Sheffield Heeley, a safe Labour zone where winning the internal vote is sure enough a passport to the Commons. The process is down to the final four and the crunch party hustings take place this weekend.

Sally has been open that she wants to be an MP for some time. She stood in a lost cause seat against the Tories in Leicestershire last time and ran for the Hampstead and Kilburn selection last summer, outrun in the end by fellow councillor Tulip Siddiq. This clarity, she reasons, means it’s fair enough to run for re-election at the Town Hall at the same time as trying to earn a new role that would inevitably take her away from Camden’s frontline politics.

Departing Sheffield MP Meg Munn told the Sheffield Telegraph over the weekend: “Obviously you can’t predict an outcome, but we have two women representing parts of Sheffield and I would like to see that continue.”

Her office manager, Liz Pemberton, is also on the whittled shortlist of possibles facing the party on Saturday.


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  1. That’s not a comment on selection candidates.

    Meg means we have two woman MPs representing Sheffield seats (herself and Angela Smith) and she would like to see there being two woman MPs continue.

  2. Richard Osley // May 7, 2014 at 7:54 am //

    Thanks Axel, got it

    • Das Kapital // May 10, 2014 at 12:38 pm //

      Citizens need to demand a better quality and different type of representation from their politicians, one which can at least demonstrate how Cllrs connect with voters on issues important to them.

      This reply isn’t meant to reflect on Camden’s Cllr Sally Gimson, as not too sure what’s she’s done since being elected a Cllr some years ago, but all Cllrs following this route, should be able to demonstrate to voters what they’ve done and most of all achieved on behalf of their communities, and I don’t just mean sending in the odd members enquiry about recycling.

      Sadly, too many Cllrs lack vital town hall experience – and this isn’t always determined by how long a Cllr has been in office, but more how they connect with ordinary people away from the party machinery – but insist on moving their careers in the direction of Westminster.

      I can’t help feel that some of us are being short changed under the current system.


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