Dial B for Bow Ties


MAKE no mistake, yesterday was a desperately bleak day. Police tape fenced off parts of Kentish Town, a woman lay murdered, an aching hush enveloped those streets as the forensic tent went up and a search for suspects began.

The long afternoon was beginning to disappear when Detective Chief Inspector Russell Taylor appeared on the local television news, appealing for the public’s help. This post means no belittling of the subject matter intended here at all, the tragedy is raw. It’s just it was hard, as you watched, not to be drawn to the detective’s neckwear. You just don’t see many detectives wearing bow ties these days. In fact the last time I saw one might have been in Hitchcock’s Dial M For Murder. I like it. As trademarks go, it’s better than Columbo’s trench coat. Fair play to him – and only good luck with what must be a harrowing investigation.


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