Meanwhile, in Highgate…

THE Green Party organiser Sian Berry says, contrary to my rambling on a previous post here, that there won’t be attempts to make electoral capital over her Highgate ward opponent’s attempt to seek a parliamentary seat in Sheffield. “We’re so not for negative campaigning,” she says, adding that she hasn’t mentioned Sally Gimson’s ultimately failed mission to win Labour’s selection in the safe Sheffield Heeley constituency over the weekend… making her a little less ruthless than the local branch’s Twitter account, which has been more eager to flag up the potential distraction.

On her own account, Sian snaps something more collegiate: a house in Highgate ward where the appeal seems to be vote both Labour and Green next week.



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  1. Michael Way // May 12, 2014 at 6:52 pm //

    Highgate Labour made a point of not trying to score points over the decision of Maya de Souza to stand down. But if you check out the latest Highgate Conservatives leaflet, you’ll read that Highgate Labour was in a state of ‘’panic’’ over Sally Gimson’s decision to stand for a Parliamentary seat in Sheffield. I didn’t detect any panic either when she put up for Hampstead and Kilburn earlier. Michael Way, secretary Highgate Labour party.

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