Iain Duncan Smith tells Spurs: ‘Stop sacking managers’

IMG_0273MEETING a young man setting up a football academy in Swiss Cottage this morning, Conservative work and pensioners secretary Iain Duncan-Smith could be found lamenting the disappointing season served up by his own team, Spurs.

Chatting at The Winch, he was non-committal about who he thinks should be the new Tottenham Hotspur manager after the job became vacant once again this week.

But he said he had ‘been quite clear with Danny’, to whom it can be reasonably assumed he meant Spurs chairman Daniel Levy, that it was time to stop the chop-changing of repeated manager sackings.

“I’m fed up with it at the moment, because I was a season ticket holder and I haven’t been for about three years or so because I didn’t have the time,” he said. “I felt like I was subsidising someone else to go to football games, so I said I’d drop it until I have finished doing all this. But honestly, this year has been awful. I’ve been quite clear to Danny about all of it. You can’t go sacking managers for God’s sake. Someone got to be given long enough. Anyway, they sold their best player to Real Madrid just on the eve of getting themselves sorted. They were buying all these new players that it turns out that the manager never wanted – and then they had to form a new team with players who had never played in the Premiership before. How you going to do that, in like, four games.”

Psss… don’t worry Spurs fans, IDS hasn’t really completely abandoned White Hart Lane It hasn’t quite been three and a half years since he was there. He surely hasn’t forgotten the rare Tottenham 2-1 victory over Arsenal last season which, his register of interests say, he watched from a £2,500 hospitality box laid on by the club.


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