The £43 million man

sarah mesutIMG_3410THIS is the moment when an ecstatic Mesut Ozil finally got to meet Camden council leader Sarah Hayward.

The Labour boss tweeted the snap after crossing borough borders and attending FA Cup-winning Arsenal’s celebratory civic reception with the Mayor and a fair few local liggers at Islington Town Hall yesterday.

Although not a traditional selfie – there’s no tell-tale arms in the side of the shot, help has been recruited – the photo should surely be filed in the councillors-with-celebs folder we started when Mayor Jonathan Simpson was snapped snuggling up with Sex And The City actress Kirsten Davis last month.

A little awkwardly for Sarah, as a politician and a high profile London council leader rather than an Arsenal fan, the £43 million footballer’s fatty £140,000 a week salary is often cited by campaigners who are keen to remind people that Arsenal has stood accused of not paying the London Living Wage to all its contractors.

So, once Ozil had shuffled off to the next local politician or Labour party hack who wanted their photo with him, Sarah tweeted like she wasn’t going to let a good party stop her from raising this prickly point with the Arsenal chairman.


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