Whose fe-line is it anyway? Josie Lawrence named her cat ‘Glenda Jackson’

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ACTRESS, singer, all-round funny person Josie Lawrence has explained why one of her pet cats is named after Hampstead and Kilburn MP Glenda Jackson. In a publicity interview for the Steyning Festival, a fortnight of talks and events currently ongoing in a village in West Sussex, she says: “I still consider myself an actress. One of my biggest heroines was Glenda Jackson. I adored her and thought her an incredible actress. I was so sad when she became an MP and we would never see her act again.” A heroine big enough to name one of her moggies, a rescue cat adopted from a sanctuary, after. “Glenda Jackson had been kept in a cage for eight months since birth,” Josie adds. “So when I let her out in the garden she suddenly leapt around and shot up the tallest tree. I quickly climbed a neighbour’s shed and was on top of it shouting ‘Glenda Jackson, come down, come down here now.”


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