Passport to Brondesbury Park: Tories split in Brent

CAMDEN Labour’s bunfight AGMs often come across as quite messy occasions, look west and see how the Kilburn Times is today reporting on what sounds like a high-grade farce among the Tories in Brent. Arguing over positions, the Brondesbury Park ward councillors have decided to split from the main anchor after the roles of leader deputy leader and chief whip were given to the councillors in Kenton. Now, that is super messy. And just a few days after the Brondesbury Park result – a gain from the Liberal Democrats – was being celebrated joyously among the Camden Conservative contingent too, for the ward is part of the Hampstead and Kilburn parliamentary seat spillover.

The rebels include criss-crossing Carol Shaw, who was a Tory before defecting to the Lib Dems and then defecting back to the Conservatives. You might remember she had told old Lib Dem colleagues that she was shocked by the u-turn on tuition fees and upset by an apparent lack of support in Brondesbury Park. Her ward colleague John Warren explains to the Brent and Kilburn Times how the curious set-up of group of six councillors, split in half, will now work: “In an ideal world, we would have agreed on our priorities and shared the positions. We will simply fight our own corners on behalf of the residents we represent, but we will come together to tackle the Labour Group.” So, in Brent there are now the Conservatives, and the Brondesbury Park Conservatives.

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  1. If they are split 3-3 then surely one of the Brondesbury Park Cllrs must have voted for the Kenton Park Cllr to be leader before the jobs were doled out…harsh!

    • Because Tories were split equally the Labour Group decided who to recognise as the official opposition and thus entitled to allowances etc. They chose the Kenton Conservatives who have effectively been incorporated. When one of the Kenton councillors died on holiday the Brondesbury Conservative John Warren tweeted triumphantly that now they had more councillors than the Kenton group they should be recognised as the official opposition. When BP group moved a motion of no confidence in Mo Butt, Labour leader, the Kenton group did not join them.

      Vy election is now in progress in Kenton. Polling Day March 5th.

  2. Erlend Watson // June 11, 2014 at 1:04 pm //

    I assume they had a group chair from Kenton. Casting vote given time and again. Quite funny though. I was at the Brent Count and the Tories were cock a whoop with winning. Carol is obviously a bit divisive!

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