Council boss: My residents are not worried about chief exec pay

COUNCIL leader Sarah Hayward sat next to council chief executive Mike Cooke in front of MPs last week to explain how they dice the money up for chief officers at the Town Hall. Camden feels like it’s in a pretty warm place on this debate because when Mr Cooke replaced Moira Gibb two years ago, he agreed a smaller pay package. The man at the top insisted to the politicians that he was very proud of all of this and felt no envy for council chief execs elsewhere who are getting paid more. The reduction meant Camden is no longer in the Premier League table of high payers when newspapers chalk up their intermittent round-ups.

As the Commons select committee probed the well-worn paid-more-than-the-PM debate, there was time for Sarah to flash a kerching smile when reminding panel members that she “just had a pretty resounding result at the ballot box” and hinting that the whole discussion was a bit old hat because nobody had ever raised Mr Cooke’s pay packet, or that of his senior ranked colleagues, with her during the local elections campaign or before. “Overall, I think my residents are quite happy,” she reckons here.


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  1. *ceo paypacket was not decreased after consulting ‘her’ residents. > same as Council spend is also not decided by mere mortals ; Mr Cooke is a very good chief exec. .. may his pay Rise )

  2. Das Kapital // June 10, 2014 at 8:51 am //

    Says all the thousands of Camden residents who didn’t even bother to turn up to vote in May’s local election.

    Any shrewd politician would be as concerned about low turnouts on these occasions, the thousands who choose not to vote for whatever reason.

    Can our newly elected members request a report be circulated by officers at the first full council……….


  3. Wise one // June 15, 2014 at 8:49 am //

    Cllr Hayward’s facial features say many things within the picture, doom & gloom and dispair!!

    It appears Cllr Hayward dislikes challenge or someone voicing concern or even an opinion about the mega pay deals on offer to certain officers within the ranks. Yes some are worthy, but there are many that are most defiantly NOT, take the one that was not fit for purpose and banished to lead and play with his train set HS2, money for old rope some would say!!!!

    Cllr Hayward might think it is acceptable to play GOD with public money, but is it acceptable to play “Robin Hood” with her plan to dismantle the five DMC’s in favour of Council led panels, who’s only interest is to massage the results.

    One would clearly call this political suicide, Cllr Hayward reminds me in one way of the “Iron Lady” herself, I think it means something like this “selfish and manipulating”.

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