Ed hearts the Odeon


DARTMOUTH Park-dwelling Labour Party leader Ed Miliband told the Evening Standard recently that on a night off from defending the way he eats bacon sandwiches, he likes to go to the cinema. Which one? The Holloway Odeon, of course.

A likely story, whispered the folk who like to portray him as a lofty out-of-touch north London man. Yet punch “Miliband” and “Odeon” into Twitter and the punters reveal he’s telling the truth.

He was spotted looking disappointed with Lincoln last year at the Holloway Odeon, and watching Midnight In Paris at the Camden branch back in 2011. Journalist Darren Richman won’t be fooled, however. He tweeted: “Ed Miliband was in the same Woody Allen screening as us tonight. He went for the VIP Odeon Seats. #champagnesocialist.”


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