Belsize punk: Delighted Tory councillor dyes his hair blue


IMG_5069CONSERVATIVE councillor Jonny Bucknell, who was super happy with the Tory clean sweep in Belsize last month, often pops up on these pages.

There’s no apologies for that, because he’s always up to some scheme or another, like sleeping in his car at conferences or speeding around in an electric buggy or defending the borough from rioters with an axe.

He’s one of a kind, and hes proved it again by turning up to the local group’s post-elections ‘thank you’ party last night with dyed blue streaks through his hair.

More punky than blue rinse, here’s the pictures of JB’s new azure look. He’s ready for a night out in Camden Town.



1 Comment on Belsize punk: Delighted Tory councillor dyes his hair blue

  1. Wise one // June 18, 2014 at 6:51 am //

    Cllr Bucknell, simply cannot fool the electorate with this gag, he must be foolish to think he can hoodwink many of us, maybe it is because he is becoming of age, hence why he is now joining the ranks of the ” Blue Rinse Brigade” I think they give senior citizens discounts nowadays Jonny!!!!

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