Will Islington’s Labour candidate farm send someone to Holborn and St Pancras?

jamesmurrayWITH Emily Thornberry now looking rather set up for life as the Islington South MP – memories of two duels with the Lib Dems are fading – the Labour politicians with parliamentary ambitions in that borough are having to look further afield for a future seat. There’s nothing unusual in that. Islington Town Hall has long been a farm to grow Labour PPCs for constituencies outside of London. Jessica Asato, Lucy Rigby and others have all swapped council life to chase down parliamentary seats miles and miles from Upper Street.

But wouldn’t it be easier if there was a patch closer to home to stand for? Say, somewhere just a couple of miles away, say somewhere just over the road in the neighbouring borough.

With a vacancy apparently upcoming in Holborn and St Pancras – wait for Frank, folks – there has been talk among the gigantic 47-councillor Labour group in Islington that at least one of them might pop over and try to burst in on a selection contest. The name that crops up most is housing spokesman James Murray, but who knows?


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