Anybody know a portly policy-maker?

dr_christian_jessenCOUNCILLORS at the Town Hall yesterday checked their waist lines and asked themselves: Do they mean me? This after documentary makers working on a show for Channel 4 sent a message to all of them asking whether they wanted to appear in a programme with Dr Christian Jessen (right), off-off Embarrassing Bodies, in which he’d help them with the ‘battle with the bulge’. It’s not 100 percent clear as to why local councillors (the message was sent to politicians in other boroughs too) were specifically identified as a group potentially needing to shed a layer, but the message suggested they would be candidates for the show because of their ‘passionate beliefs’ and so on.

The email, which the company has asked local authorities to post on their intranets, said: “We’ll also be using ground-breaking science to gather information and research to discover the key to successful dieting. We aim to tackle Britain’s obesity epidemic which is costing the economy in excess of £15 billion a year – and threatens to bankrupt the NHS. We are ideally looking to cast local councillors (living in London and the surrounding areas)– those that have strong, passionate beliefs, are looking to lose some excess weight, are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in and are motivated by competition.”



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  1. And do they need to be obsessive tweeters too?

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