Guardian newspaper fingers Tulip as a ‘Westminster insider’

tulipI ONCE asked David Miliband why he was running for Labour Party leader when he had not learned about life with a “proper job” outside of politics first. He wrinkled his nose in a way only David Miliband can and replied curtly: “I think Foreign Secretary is a proper job.”

But what would the journalists at the Guardian think of that, after researching the back­grounds of target seat candidates for next year’s general election and finding “half of Labour candidates in marginal seats are Westminster insiders”?

Their final piece included a meaty namecheck in their investigation for “rising star” Tulip Siddiq in Hampstead and Kilburn, whose CV of “insider” politics jobs was bluntly recounted.

It includes work for MPs Tessa Jowell and Harry Cohen, and a spell in the London Labour press office and another working on Ed Miliband’s own leadership campaign.

She was frustrated apparently the article did not mention her  work away from politics for Brunswick and Rolls Royce….  which would obviously have gone down far better with earthy Labour voters in Hampstead and Kilburn.


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  1. Labour voters, earthy or otherwise, would surely not see working for Brunswick, a PR company, as a plus. Rolls Royce, perhaps, depending upon what she was doing there. What is needed by Labour is more MPs who have experience in the part of the private sector that actually produces goods or services of value to the community. They would know from experience that the private sector is the answer to somethings but not everything. .

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