Camden High Street re-built in a field in France


IMG_8469THE terrifying Hellfest took place in France over the weekend. It’s a music festival where you could have enjoyed, if enjoyed is the right word, ear-splitting performances by heavy metal royalty Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Megadeth. It’s also full of bands I’ve never heard of on other stages, with names such as Hatebreed, Toxic Holocaust, Gorguts, Annihilator, Carnal Lust, Ulcerate, Destroyer 666, Flogging Molly, Pro Pain, Stinky Bollocks… I could go on. I’m sure they all conjure up some great melodies.

There are two things to note from this loud gathering in Brittany. Firstly, just look above at how much the metallers love Camden Town. Their burning adoration for our neighbourhood saw them go as far as rebuilding Camden High Street in a field in France, to provide the backdrop for the festival’s bars. It’s really not a bad effort at all, 10/10 for effort here. They’ve got the big model shopfronts, the multi-coloured buildings, all that is missing is a Camden New Journal dispenser and a Waitrose. 

Secondly, some closed-minded people may be set in their ways about the Tories and automatically assume they are more likely to be found devouring champers and strawberries on Wimbledon’s centre court this week, rather than crowd surfing to Hellfest’s Crushing Cobras or Brutality Will Prevail (I’m not making these up, they’re on the stage time listings). But in amongst the sun-blasted moshers you could find no other than David Douglas, the Conservative election agent in Hampstead and Kilburn.

Not wearing his blue rosette this weekend, the heavily-tattooed Mr Douglas – D-Dog, to his friends – instead opted for his Rob Zombie t-shirt. He wasn’t the only Tory there. Alongside him was Lucinda Roberts, who until recently was the chairwoman of the Conservatives in Hornsey.


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  1. Podex Boddle // June 25, 2014 at 2:20 pm //

    David Douglas looking awesomely cool as ever!

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