City Hall calls

bigpicTHINGS could get a little restless on the Labour backbenches at the Town Hall, what with there being 40 councillors in the group now. The longer their service at Judd Street, the greater the chance that a natural desire for a change, for bigger challenges, is likely to emerge among members.

The local AGM may not have been as bloody as it has been in the past, but there are always winners and losers and the choice not to elevate Somers Town councillor Samata Khatoon to a cabinet post led to a mixed reaction.

Some felt she was not ready for a more senior role, while others thought her loyalty to leader Sarah Hayward would be rewarded. Certainly, she is confident she is ready for more power and pals in the party say a Plan B could be putting her name forward to be a candidate in the next London Assembly elections. For starters, Barnet and Camden seat could become vacant if Andrew Dismore is returned to Parliament in his old Hendon constituency next May.

The same City Hall route to a new role might also be on the mind of former councillor Mike Katz, whose de-selection in Kilburn before the elections led to a spot of soul-searching among those who thought he had been unfairly skewered. 

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