I wanna be like yooooouu

imageIT just won’t do to fix on what women in politics wear. During the local election campaigning earlier this year, Conservative leader Claire-Louise Leyland explained how she had met women who had been put off standing for election for fear of being judged for how they look and how they dress.

This post doesn’t judge. It just notes. The style guide of parliamentary candidate Tulip Siddiq, that is, as she ramps up her push for the House of Commons next year.

Yes, she wants to emulate Glenda Jackson by becoming MP in Hampstead, but wags are saying this now extends to a full-on replica wardrobe. 

Already in the Tulip set is a version of Glenda’s famous red duffle, the battle coat brought on to the field of play whenever an election is looming.

And as they lined up together for a baton-passing picture outside a new look post office in Hampstead at the weekend, it looked like they had rung each other up the night before, exchanged notes, and agreed on a monochrome selection. If it happens again, a coincidence becomes a trend.

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  1. But whichever way you look at this, it’s still an article about how female politicians dress…

  2. Richard Osley // July 2, 2014 at 3:26 pm //

    I’ve graduated to ‘article’ status…

    Thankfully, these pages also writes about how male politicians dress to reDRESS the balance. Abdul Hai’s toblerone shoes, Phil Jones’ recycled bottle suit, Rishi Madlani’s always unbuttoned top shirt and your own choice of wearing a Patrick Vieira shirt to an election count.

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