‘My arms are tired’… but Lib Dem Linda’s still fighting

WATCH out Chris Knight wherever you are, your old rival Linda Chung clearly is not going to disappear in defeat. The Liberal Democrat may have lost her council seat in May, but she was at the front of the protest pictures at the weekend as demonstrators try to ward off a new Sainbury’s from Hampstead’s South End Green. She held up a placard saying ‘my arms are tired’.

As it happens, we gave Knighty the nickname ‘Cllr Sore Arms’ many moons ago after a day shift as Boris Johnson’s placard carrier.




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  1. Chris Knight // July 5, 2014 at 3:35 pm //

    Hello Osser you fun monkey, I am surprised she has worked out where SEG is in the Ward as she has not been seen around here for 6 years +. Someone must have shouted “Bandwagon” thats usually her wake call to nip out and nick a banner of some poor resident or other for a photo opp, ask her about the one she nicked off the primary school children at the 29 New End schools only photo protest!
    She never even wrote a letter of objection to the application on 29 Shameful!!!!

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