A stark illustration of the UK job market… and a free plug for Waitrose

imageTHE New Journal ran a story earlier this year about the rush for jobs at the new Waitrose in Camden Town. We had been told by its press office that 2,000 had bid for 70 jobs. Last week, we learned more about the demand for work at the supermarket when a fresh press release was despatched about the number of job applications for a new, smaller store at King’s Cross station.

And if you look at the local newspapers across Britain, we’ve all fallen sucker written the same thing off  the back of a press release.

There are virtually endless stories about how Waitroses from London to Wales and on to Scotland has been deluged by applicants whenever jobs are advertised.

A lot of them are told as stark illustrations of the dire job market and so on. And they are depressing statistics, but you could be forgiven from this collection of stories that people are intent simply on working a good ‘ol Waitrose, rather than looking for whatever job they can get in these strained times.

The stories keep on getting pressed, we are all left depressed by the difficult odds of landing a job… but it’s quite an ongoing PR triumph for the supermarket really, a success for what seems like mechanical operation to get a free shout of publicity – aimed as much at customers, as job seekers – just as a new branch is about to open. It will be considered a masterstroke by fans of these kind of things.


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