Tories ready to choose Holborn and St Pancras candidate

toriesHOLBORN and St Pancras is a bruising battleground for the Conservatives. Frank Dobson has seen them all off over the years. Yet it remains a reasonably attractive training ground for ambitious Tories, if not only for the big names that have been defeated here and then gone onto far bigger  things. John Major, for example. Margot James is another.

With all the talk of Frank not standing again, and he’s due to speak to members next Tuesday for another opportunity to get the hare running on a Labour selection contest, there might also be a little added interest in standing here for one of the other parties.

And the Tories are ready to make their choice tomorrow night. A special meeting of constituency members has been called and a final shortlist of four is on the table: Two councillors from Westminster, JP Floru and Suhail Rahuja, are on the list, as is former Croydon councillor Simon Hoar. Completing the line-up – no surprise to readers of these pages – is the local hope, Will Blair, who may lose council elections with an emerging frequency but does so with a smile on his face.

We should have a result by 9.30pm. 


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  1. Anonymous // July 16, 2014 at 3:54 pm //

    We hope that this one was not born in a pigsty

  2. What about The Merrin?

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