IT’S going to be a long summer and a long autumn for local Labour Party members if this is the kind of selection spam that will be filling their Facebook news feeds for the next coupla months… That’s right, deary me, it’s Sir Keir backer Bob Latham’s ‘August Teaser’ and a typically scathing put down from Theo Blackwell, who favours Sarah Hayward for the ongoing find-a-candidate contest in Holborn and St Pancras.

By November, members will be begging for a return to baby pictures, cat videos and Buzzfeed laughs in their timelines.



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  1. The real answer (Theo) is in front of the mural that replaced Banksie’s “Maid sweeping” at the corner of Chalk Farm Road and Regent’s Park Rd, by The Roundhouse. Interesting that Robert L appears to have taken his tweet down: Stung by Richard O’s send-up?

    • Robert Latham // August 20, 2014 at 12:28 pm //


      The charge is that I am a “Facebore” rather than a “Tweatbore”. You should have gone to my Facebook page. You are correct as to its location.
      As to the charge against me, I plead guilty to what I thought was an interesting picture. May more people enjoy the mural, if it is not too boring a thing to say!

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