South Thanet: Farage vs… the former leader of Camden’s Tories


wauchopethumbI’M not sure what the etiquette is for standing against your own party leader in a parliamentary selection contest but to hell with all of that, a familiar old face seems to have said when it comes to UKIP’s Nigel Farage’s move in on Thanet South this evening.

Piers ‘Paolo’ Wauchope, the former leader of Camden Conservatives who now wears a purple and yellow rosette, will join his national leader on a final shortlist of four at a candidate selection meeting in Ramsgate. He lost his council seat in Camden to Alexis Rowell and a Lib Dem surge in Belsize eight years ago.

The author of a pulped history of Camden politics has had an eventful old time since he swapped NW3 for Tunbridge Wells, where he is a UKIP councillor, but stomping on Nige’s plans here would top the lot.

Nigel Farage won. 

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