Hello. This is Keir Starmer.

LathamTHE official Sir Keir Starmer fanclub page got another update yesterday. Sorry, I mean Robert Latham’s Facebook page. This time with a Better Together snap with none other than Frank Dobson, the man Sir K hopes to succeed in parliament come next May. 

The phonebank was being hammered by the all-star cast to get the ‘no’ vote out, but surely nobody can be in any doubt that it was the post-poned Camden full council meeting on Monday wot won it for the union.

You might think, as the selection saga runs on and on, north London Labour types might find endless pictures of the H&St P candidates on their FB screens a little fatiguing, even compared with the usual fare of nostalgic Buzzfeed links and pictures of their long lost university friend’s babies.

But Bob is a canny guy and he must know the nation has shown before how much it loves a good politician-on-the-phone update on social media. Now he just has to sit back and wait for Sir Patrick Stewart to play along.


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