Neville Lawrence backs Raj. Doreen Lawrence backs Sir Keir.


THE rules on Labour’s parliamentary selection contest in Holborn and St Pancras are a little foggy in that the candidates do not seem to be sure whether they can make their big name endorsements public. If it is a break of the rules, however, it will not lead to disqualification and any insider tut-tutting won’t count for much once the race is run and the years have past. We reported in the New Journal last week that Ken Livingstone would be backing Sir Keir Starmer, although we directly asked the former Mayor where he would position himself.

Today throws up an interesting twist. Sir Keir tweets that Stephen Lawrence’s mother Doreen Lawrence will support him.

But, it can also be revealed today that Neville Lawrence, Stephen’s father, will be supporting Raj Chada.

Doreen on Sir Keir: “Having worked with Keir on victim’s issues, I have seen first hand his commitment to those less able to protect themselves. He is capable of bringing about big policy changes by working with and influencing others at all levels. He would be excellent as a constituency MP.”

Neville on Raj: “I know how hard it is to struggle for justice and national change – but I know that these are the things that Raj would deliver on. He has worked for many hours, free of charge for anti racist campaigns and he has my full backing. He is a renowned lawyer committed to equality and solidarity with deep roots in the community – that is what I want to see in a Labour MP.”


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  1. Michael Way // September 29, 2014 at 6:22 pm //

    Richard – they’ve been going public with their endorsements for weeks – one of the first being the list of councillors who backed Sarah in a letter to the CNJ

    What they are not allowed to do is campaign – if you have been to any of the meetings you’ll see that’s the case (I hope). Or put out leaflets. What gets said in the pub afterwards is another matter and out of the officers’ control

    It’ll all come out into the open when the party NEC declares the seat vacant, probably at the end of October

    Great stuff from the conferences by the way – can’t wait for your report from UKIP’s

    Best regards Michael

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